Gather, analyze and act

To sum it all up: Gather, analyze and act. There is a lot of important data out there that when made actionable, can help enhance and innovate programs and services in not only the charitable sector but in almost every industry. By using big data you can work more effectively towards achieving your organization’s mission.

You can access our database to retrieve information that allows you to make informed strategic decisions. Our database houses critical information that can be accessed and reviewed. Whether from a public policy perspective, Charitable Investment or to review a program’s and effectiveness, our data can be mined to give you the answers to your questions.

Detail Charity Report


Search our Database and print or email yourself a report on a specific charity. Information includes, latest financial information, board members, social media information, and upcoming project information.

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Compare Charities Report

$100.00 per report

Compare and contrast organizations from our database of over 1.6 million charities. Compare the latest financial information, projects or mission statements.

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I knew that I wanted to start a not for profit and I knew the subject matter that I wanted to address but had no clue how to get started. Dexterity Ventures and Gena Rotstein walked me through the different options, introduced me to organizations with similar agendas and helped focus my attention to areas of the greatest need.
- Chanel Avarello, Silver Gummy

Data Query

$250.00 per report

Need charity data to do your own report? We can supply you with an excel spreadsheet or CSV file with up to X records based on YY search parameters defined by you.

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Custom Report

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Data can be hard to read and access. The rise of data visuals like infographics and GeoTagging to represent charity data is increasing with the use of big data. The ability to take information and turn it into something more than just words and numbers on a page allows users to visualize the data and internalize it, overall making it more user-friendly and accessible.

Included in our fees

  • Data Query: We will help prepare the data query to make sure data coming out addresses the concern.
  • Data Layering: Our data can be layered with other data sources to ensure that data results generate information to make decisions.
  • Analytics: We will do the analytics and present our findings.
  • Report: We will present the results in an easy to understand format and with graphic tools to help communicate the issue. We will prepare a report that will include an info-graphic.
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