We believe that giving should be part of every corporations social responsibility and corporate culture. We have built a easy to use plug-in, The Easy-Donate Button, that allow corporations to incorporate social good and giving into their corporate profile.

The Easy-Donate Button

The Easy-Donate Button is a simple tool that allows anyone to create a functional Donate Now button to drive donations towards any registered Charity. In less than 3 minutes this button can be placed on your website and will be ready to accept donations.

*All donations are processed through the Place2Give Foundation.

All you need to get started is the registered Charity number (for Canada or the US) for your chosen organization and you'll be on your way.

Dexterity Ventures Inc., allowed our organization to establish payment processes that gave us the ability to scale our community of donors. DVI also helped us improve donor experience and raise our level of maturity with very effective processes and assistance. We would not have had the capital available to do this on our own. The ROI of this partnership has been huge for us.
- Kevin Crowe, Founder, GiveAMile

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@dexterityventures.ca

For Canadian Charities use Registration # or For US Charities use EIN #


We use this information to help track where the donations are coming from for the selected charities.

After the donation is made, if you would like the donor to be redirected back to your website's Thank You page please provide that URL here.

Choose one of the four style options below by clicking on the button.

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You are now ready to support your favourite charity on your web site!